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"I work long hours (14hour shifts) on a busy ward and by the end of the shift always felt smelly and generally quite horrible! After having used really scary products like "triple dry" and similar which you leave on overnight and wash off the next day as well as all the conventional deoderants, I decided to try this deodorant. I wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea of all the chemicals so this sounded fantastic.
I honestly wasn't holding my breath but oh my goodness! Wow! From the ver first day this worked brilliantly. I have now been using Alvin Connor deodorant stick for the last 6 months and will never use anything else. I have sensitive skin and after using this I don't get any of the rashes under my arms that I used to get with all other deodorants. I also feel good that I'm not spraying harmful things into the atmosphere (or breathing them in for that matter!). All in all a great product."

Gonorganic - 25th July 2012 - View Source



"I have been using Alvin Connor products for nearly ten years. I use the stick every day, the spray when I am in the gym and the bath salts after a particularly hard training session.
They work even harder than I do ;)"

PRyan - 9th April 2013 - View Source

"I have always had to use really strong deodorants to cope with perspiration and was concerned when I heard about a possible link with Alzheimer's.  I bought a stick of Alvin Connor three years ago and have used it every day since.  It has just got very low and needs replacing, so value for money wise it's unbelievable.  I was sceptical about whether the deodorant would cope but I can honestly say that I stay dry and there is never even a slight whiff!  If I miss a day, I really know it!!  An absolutely first class product that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone."

Kind regards
Susie Dalton - 15th August 2013 - Email