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Alvin started this business back in 1998 with a vision to 'Offer an Alternative' to mainstream body care. Alvin was using a natural deodorant he picked up on his travels and when he went looking to replace it he found that there was little alternative and that natural deodorants were very hard to come by. After a short spell of distributing a similar product, he decided to set up a small lab where he began to produce what is known now as Alvin Connor, Natural Balance. Alvin Connor Ltd was founded back in 2002 and now is known as the leading UK manufacturer of Natural Deodorants in the country.

Our Brand can be found in shops all over Europe in Pharmacy and Health (Bio) retailers. We are very proud of our distribution and all this is run from our UK base and team (introductions below) who work very hard indeed. Our Goal is to continue to grow and develop new Natural Alternatives for consumers...and in our way do something for the environment and those who live in it.

Meet the Team!

Alvin is the founder of Alvin Connor Ltd and the company's Managing Director. He drives the company forward and insists on high product quality and excellent customer support. Alvin spends most of his time working with International sales and building the Brand overseas.

Neil is the company's Production Manager. He is the "Full Stop" when it comes to the production of our inventory. Nothing gets past him and his team whose attention to detail is astute. Neil manages everything from ordering product ingrediant to production equipment. He loves LISTS and regularly pops up to the office making sure he can tick his errands off.

Connie is our Office Admin. Well she has many roles which fall under Office Admin. Too many to list here. She is who answers the phone when you call and also who sends out the invoices...We havent given her a team yet...Just more work!

Wendy is our Product Development Manager and together with her team she keeps us on the straight and narrow. The cosmetic industry is a mind field of regulations and PIP files which Wendy is consistantly reviewing. She is also very active in our New Product Roleout which has been very busy since she joined us.

Andrew is our Warehouse Manager. When it comes to a forklift...he is your man. As you can imagine our warehouse is busy with deliveries in and out and Andy and his team just loves to make sure the place is neat. If you order something from us you can be sure Andy has picked and packed it for you.

Vicky is our HR Manager. We dont have alot of employees but we dont need them when we have such a great HR team. Vicky is our One Stop Shop from Recruitment to payroll and everything inbetween...and after but we have never had to go there.